I believe our current Comptroller General does not have the ability to perform his duties in an effective and efficient manner. As a CPA I pride myself on being accountable for all financial matters over which I have responsibility. It is the duty of every accountant to operate in both an independent and objective manner. I also believe elected officials should act in a manner that is both ethical and professional. The Comptroller General of South Carolina must be a leader that exhibits the greatest integrity while in office.

Our current Comptroller General is Richard Eckstrom and he has by no means performed his duties in such a manner. By missing financial reporting deadlines he has placed South Carolina's credit rating at a significant risk. Over the last ten years he let his CPA designation lapse twice. In addition, Richard Eckstrom has had numerous allegations of ethical misconduct that range from misuse of campaign funds to using state own assets for personal use. He has also used his elected power to have a salacious affair with a woman 25 years younger than he. Moreover, he recently made some extremely racist statements toward both the students and alumni of South Carolina State University. These facts clearly indicate someone who lacks both integrity and accountability.

Richard Eckstrom has been the Comptroller General for the last 12 years and it is time he be replaced with someone who better represents the ideals of South Carolina. I love this state and I want us to succeed but we need a Comptroller General who is hungry rather than complacent. We need an elected official that not only has a significant amount of accounting experience but also adheres to the highest levels of integrity.

Of all the statewide constitutional positions the Comptroller General is the one elected position which is least likely to be affected by partisan politics. Regardless of being a Democrat or Republican this position is more technical than political. Voters should concentrate more on the candidates accounting education and experience rather than political beliefs.

I strongly believe I am the best candidate for this position and with your vote I can bring accountability and integrity to South Carolina.